What is this place?

The personal blog of Fr. Colin Nicolle, an Anglican Priest and the Rector of a parish in the Canadian Maritimes.

This website is a (hopefully) frequently updated repository of my homiletic and academic writings, as well as a place to share my observations and developing thoughts on what it means to live as a Christian in the Anglican tradition.

Who are you?

A priest, husband, and fly-fisherman of many and varied interests.


Every Quest?

And so my mind, bedazzled and amazed,
Stood fixed in wonder, motionless, intent,
And still my wonder kindled as I gazed.

That light doth so transform a man’s whole bent
That never to another sight or thought
Would he surrender, with his own consent;

For everything the will has ever sought
Is gathered there, and there is every quest
Made perfect, which apart from it falls short



(All header photos are my own).



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