Lenten Wisdom From the Desert Day 21

When it rains it pours.

When Abba Macarius was passing one time through the wadi to his cell, carrying some palm branches, the Devil met him on the path, carrying a scythe. He tried to strike Abba Macarius but was unable to, and said to him, “You are powerful, Macarius! I can’t do anything against you! Look – what you can do, I can do too: you fast and I don’t eat anything at all; you keep vigil, and I don’t sleep at all. There is only one thing at which you are better than me.”
Abba Macarius said to him, “What is that?”
The Devil said to him, “It’s your humility. On account of your humility, there is nothing that I can do to you.”
And when the saint stretched out his hands, the demon disappeared and Abba Macarius continued on his way, giving Glory to God.


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