Lenten Wisdom From the Desert Day 13

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Today’s saying is another of Poemon’s. Googling “Poemon” leads you to page after page of Pokemon results. Poemon is a Father of the 4th and 5th centuries. His saying today is a simple reminder that although Lent is a time of restraint, of penitence and fasting it doesn’t give us cause to detach ourselves from those we can help. The doors of our tongue are those doors through which un-thoughtful words, desires, temptations flow. These are the doors we should guard, but the wooden doors–the doors through which others enter are to remain open. We see this reflected in the great number of Desert Fathers who despite living solitary lives counselled others and made themselves quite available to those who needed them.

A brother came to see Abba Poemen in the second week of Lent and told him about his thoughts: he obtained peace, and said to him, ‘I nearly did not come here today’.
The old man asked him why. The brother said, ‘I said to myself, “Perhaps he will not  let me in because it is Lent”‘.
Abba Poemen said to him, ‘We have not been taught to close the wooden door but the door of our tongues’.




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