Lenten Wisdom From the Desert Day 11

It’s 11:30 on Saturday night. I missed posting yesterday–I had a meeting in the morning and then took off for a short overnight retreat in the north of the province. It was actually quite lovely, there was lots of snow, time to pray, and time and trails to snowshoe. However, trying to be at least somewhat true to it being a retreat I missed posting yesterday. A wiser man than myself once told me that repentance for a break in the Lenten fast/discipline is just as good as keeping the fast, so there.

I am also quite happy that this happened to be the saying for today. This saying offers so much but primarily I read in it compassion, it seems to be a summation of a lot of the last number of sayings I have posted. Letting the brother rest in your lap rather than waking them does away with pride and haughtiness and shows us a right way to relate to any discipline in our life that is difficult, or person who may fall short of their task.

Some old men came to see Abba Poemen and said to him, “When we see brothers who are dozing at the synaxis (the liturgy of the Word), shall we rouse them so he will be watchful?”
He said to them, “For my part, when I see a brother who is dozing, I put his head on my knees and let him rest.”

One thought on “Lenten Wisdom From the Desert Day 11

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