Redeeming the Time

This is a really great post on the importance and helpfulness of the Daily Offices for our devotional use.

I (we) pray the offices from the BCP and use the Eucharistic Lectionary as found in the BCP, but the importance of common, regular, rhythmic worship is important no matter what is used.

It’s a part of our tradition and faith that people view largely as a nuisance but also something that I feel people are thirsting for. Praying and promoting the Offices as a means for our ongoing conversion is something I think a great deal about and always keen to talk about.

Becoming A True Pilgrim

     I come from a liturgical tradition (Anglicanism). In this tradition there are many ways we mark the passage of time. We have holidays, liturgical season, feast days, etc. One of the most important, if underutilized, ones is the Daily Office.

The idea of ritualization of time goes back at least as far as Exodus 29:38-42, where God instructs Moses on how to make daily offerings. The Didache (written in the late First Century) gives instruction on which days to fast on and on how to recite the Lord’s Prayer at least 3 times per day. By the time the New Testament Canon was established in the Fourth Century, there was a set pattern of prayers throughout the day. When St. Benedict established his monastic system in the seventh century, it revolved around the regular schedule of prayers throughout the day. The examples continue to the present…

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