St. George

I’ve wanted to post this for some time and hadn’t had the chance. I bought a new hand-held distraction device the other day and it comes equipped with an impressive camera- so here we go.

About two years ago a great friend to many, former chaplain and professor at the college, and renown Augustinian scholar, Fr. Robert D. Crouse passed away.

The chapel has a banner of St. George which is at least a century old but due to its condition now lives in the archives. A few months after Fr. Crouse passed away we commissioned that this banner be written by an icon writer in Ukraine. The old banner had an English tapestry feel to it where as this one is an actual icon and certainly has that look about it. The roses around St. George’s head are decidedly not so iconographic but are a remembrance of Fr Crouse’s love for (and profound knowledge of) roses. He lives in the house that his grandparents built (he died in his 80s, you do the math) and the rose garden his grandmother planted still lives on and is tended to by local friends of the family.

When I am computer bound I will post some links to some of his writings and sermons.

Requiescat in pace.




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