Halifax Explosion Pt. 2

This is a bit of an addendum to my December 6th article on the Halifax Explosion. This is something which I meant to drop in but plum forgot.

Any Canadian worth their salt knows exactly what ‘s coming. For almost as long as I have been alive these commercials have been airing on television. Like many Canadians these are certainly amongst some of my earliest memories (no kidding) and among the first things I distinctly remember from Canadian television. Due to my age I was old enough to live through their early days, and their heydays.

They are properly called ‘Heritage Minutes’ and are ~60 second short films which aired as commercials on Canadian networks. They depicted important moments in Canada’s history from well before the nation was founded up until the modern day. They would often depict the origins of something we may think of or see every day, but had no idea of its Canadian origins (‘Well then let’s cut the bottom of the baskets’; ‘Fly no…but he can leap over tall buildings’ &c).

This one always hit particularly close to home due to the subject matter. I needn’t say more about it, but it is simply one of what were many heroic acts that took place before, during, and after the Halifax explosion. This story is about Vince Coleman:


4 thoughts on “Halifax Explosion Pt. 2

      1. pam2626

        OK. Thanks. I remember the Halifax one though, and I am in Ontario. I also remember the one about the female doctor.

  1. Colin

    Ah yes! I had to look that one up, but I remember clearly. The fig leaf!

    It’s not an uncommon party game, at least around here, to gather a few people together and see how many you can remember with a correct quote.


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