A lovely post about Advent by a friend, David, on his blog. Complete with an interesting video (from a series, I assume) on Sacred Calendars and Advent.

We decorated the College Chapel for Advent on Saturday, photos forthcoming.

Letters from the Edge of Elfland

Dear Friends and Family,

Today marks the beginning of Advent. This is a period in the western Church calendar where we wait. Like a child with our chocolate Advent calendars we wait, counting the days as they go by, for Christmas day. Hopefully we wait for more than presents. Instead we wait for the ultimate gift, for Christ. You see, from the time of Genesis 3 where Eve is promised that one her descendants will crush the serpent’s head, that serpent that tempted her to eat of the tree and offer it to her husband, the world has waited for the one who would conquer the tempter, would conquer sin, would conquer death. Christ is that conqueror. Even more, along with the Holy Spirit, he is our redeemer, our sanctifier, our deifier. We are conformed to his image by the Holy Spirit. The world waited and Christ came. We remember…

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